Jun. 26th, 2010

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I am avoiding my flist until I have a chance to watch the Doctor Who series finale, and am also babying my wrist due to its carpal tunnel syndrome woes. I'm hoping to manage my 30 Days of TV meme post later, but for now have some The Big Bang Theory motivational posters I whipped up for Big Bang Land.

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Thanks to this site for the caps! And thanks to this easy Motivational Poster generator.

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Day 19 - Best TV show cast

I should probably stop observing how difficult some of these questions are to answer, eh? Ah well. This one was also difficult to answer: do you define "best" in relation to the overall quality of the acting or by how well the actors are subsumed into their roles? Arguably, I suppose the two should be one and the same; in practice, however, you get to know many fine actors as one character first and, when they go on to something else, their skill level doesn't necessarily diminish. Their ability to sink into later roles and become indistinguishable from the character does.

For example, Adam Baldwin is pretty good at what he does. However, he is Jayne Cobb. I've seen him play a Lawyer from Hell (Angel) and snatches of him as a super-spy (Chuck), but I just can't see him as Marcus Hamilton or John Casey. Of course, that also hinges on which role you see them in first, and may be a handicap of the viewing mind rather than the actor's later abilities to become a character.

Well, anyway. When judging best cast, you must also consider how they all work together. Great actors can be great separately and just never manage to jive in the established narrative. So, after taking all that into consideration...

I essentially can't decide between Battlestar Galactica and Carnivale.

Both casts are top-knotch, full of excellent actors who integrated seamlessly. Battlestar Galactica is consistently better on a greater scale, and Quixote agrees - especially considering the cast had more episodes to perform and, perhaps, with less lead-time.

Quixote adds that another aspect of "best cast" should be defined by how relatable the cast is as a whole: how well can the viewer empathize with all those assembled? Answering his own question, he suggests that Star Trek and Star Trek: The Next Generation fits this bill for him, with TNG being more in the lead because of the schism undercurrent between the Big 3 on TOS (Kirk, Spock, McCoy) and all the rest.

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