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Nov. 14th, 2010 04:51 pm
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Looking at pictures of the Harry Potter actors aged for the epilogue sequence for the last film, I just have to ask:

They should be in their late 30s when that scene unfolds at the train station. Why do they all look like they're in their 50s? (And so disturbingly hard-used by life, yikes.)

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Right now, I'm four pages deep in a paper that should probably be ten and is due in (a self-imposed) less than two hours. (Prof said to have it in on Wednesday; I figured 5 PM was a good deadline. Hah.) As a result, you get a meme.

I think I'd seen this massive Harry Potter / Sorting Hat personality test around before, but I found it again recently while perusing toolazytowork's LJ upon following her home after some hilarious Joseph Campbell snark on the Supernatural community.

For the tl;dr crowd: I'm a Ravenclaw. This does not surprise me, as I've been saying for years that I'd likely end up in Ravenclaw unless the Sorting Hat listened to my pleas à la Harry Potter and put me in Gryffindor.

See how I measured up regarding the other Houses! )

Appending a Percy Jackson note here: if I wound up at Camp Halfblood, I'm pretty sure I'd be in Athena's house... but as a creative and not a strategist.

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