Nov. 30th, 2010

ladyofjest: (yuletide stockings)
I was so entertained by [ profile] cadhla's Fannish Advent Calendar last year, that I decided I wanted to give it a whirl this year myself!

Here's how it works:

In the fine tradition of Advent Calendars everywhere, this one counts down the days to Christmas/Hogswatch/Alvismas/etc. However, instead of some candy behind a little door or a verse from Scripture or a similar delight, I am posting flashfic to my journal.

You can request any fandom that tickles your fancy - as long as I know it, I will write it. Please keep in mind that all of your requests are just that: requests. I'm not giving you a guarantee that I'll write what you suggest.

Feel free to suggest a fandom and, optionally, characters or a theme you're most interested in. Also, since this is a Fannish Advent Calendar, all of my flashfics will be somehow related to the winter holidays.

The first day of Advent will be drawn from suggestions on this post! So feel free to suggest something below.

Here's a list of potential fandoms to get you started:

Behind the cut for the list of fandoms. )

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