Sep. 22nd, 2010

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I have so much television to talk about! All of my shows are debuting this week as well, which means I should really break out some reflective posts about their premieres and where I think things might go thematically. Maybe I can even dig up the time and wherewithal to actually do this. (I've been basically incapacitated the past few days thanks to a chronic illness, so I'm not taking anything for granted.)

Anyway, here's what I'm watching for the foreseeable future:

The Big Bang Theory

I was going to add Undercovers to that list, but I watched the pilot tonight and was not impressed enough to give it a second episode. That may be a bit of a quick decision, but there are other shows I've been meaning to watch that I can catch up on instead. Like Spartacus: Blood and Sand, Fringe and The Vampire Diaries.

However, speaking of new shows, I'll be checking out No Ordinary Family in a week or so when it premiers. I fear it's pretty much DOA, however, considering it's up against Glee. Not a smart move.

I am also waiting for Caprica and Burn Notice to be back on the air in October and November respectively. The end of October will also bring the debut of The Walking Dead, which has essentially been filming in my back yard.

That is a lot of TV. What are you guys looking forward to?

P.S. Does anyone here have a Miso account? I'm there as ladyofjest, naturally.

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