Dec. 20th, 2010

ladyofjest: (yuletide stockings)
Dear Yuletide Santa:

I always find it difficult to write these letters, so I apologize if my letter is not very helpful. Really, I thought mainly to collect my requests for you into one easily consulted post.

I love quirky stories with witty dialogue. Either slash or het is fine, although I don't necessarily prefer stories that are mainly vehicles for sexual situations (at least not in the fandoms I've requested this year). I like crossovers. I think strong female agency, queer representation, and POC representation are all parts of a balanced (read: good) fic. All characters are created equal.

I love to laugh. I like to look at established stories in a different way, either by tweaking a detail to spin the universe out in a new direction or by telling the story from an overlooked perspective. Or both.

I like well-done crazy mad stories that just take something bizarre and run with it. Surrealism, when done well and with intelligent commentary, is completely awesome. And just because it's intelligent doesn't mean the abject avoidance of LOL-language or memelicious slang. You know, if that's appropriate.

I will probably like whatever you take the time and effort to write for me: thank you for doing this, Yuletide writer!

Just a few notes on things I do not like: I do not like rape-centric fiction, heavily-detailed BDSM scenes, characters who don't act like themselves, or actual-end-of-the-world fic.

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