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I seem to be falling ill, which is most inconvenient as my work-week begins in earnest tomorrow. Still, that apparently doesn't excuse me from face-hugging headaches, swollen tonsils, entrenched exhaustion, and utter lassitude.

As I asked so many times over this past weekend - which was Dragon*Con weekend here in the ATL and I had to work rather than attend: "Why am I not independently wealthy?"

Anyway, here's something entertaining for my fellow Scott Pilgrim fanciers:

That is, indeed, Gideon Graves - if Gideon was possessed of double X chromosomes instead of XY.

Oxboxer designed each of Ramona's 7 Evil Exes thus flipped in this post, and I richly enjoy them all.

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ladyofjest: (ramona flowers has a big hammer)
I'm so excited about this film that I have no compunctions about making a super-cute avatar and posting it to my journal to give Edgar Wright & Co. free adspace.

Oh yeah, honey: that's totally me in Scott Pilgrim's world! You can make your own here. Have fun!

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